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In search of Herobrine. Chapter 6: The case at the bar.

In search of Herobrine. The case at the bar

A dirt road in the city was a winding and poorly passable. Use the road was still quite difficult and uncomfortable. Glancing from time to time on my trusty dog, Hero, and seeing how easily he managed to cross the remote places of the road, I felt for him a little jealous.

After some time walking along the road, I noticed a small tattered, old stump. For some reason it caught my attention. Perhaps because of the corner of my eye I noticed a slight green glow emanating from his rotten cavity. Approaching him back to back, so that it was visible that it is in, I realized that this is someone's hiding place. And besides, no cache is simple: it was about six emeralds and one diamond. Most likely the one who put this stuff here did not think that someone, sometime will find. Delighted such a rare find, and opened my bag I put there all the contents of the stump. Before the city was on the doorstep and I moved on to the Hero.

Very soon on the horizon the great gates.

Me: That's it, the settlement Old Creek. Finally we got to it. Rather, let's enter it.

Having said that, Hero quickly rushed to the village. Barely having time, I ran after him.

Entering the city, the first thing I ran a tavern in the eye, located right next to the gate. Without hesitation, I went into it. Inside were many people on all sides came the smell of beer and rotting food. Going up to the bartender and the comfort of a nearby chair, I ordered myself a big mug of beer as well as a piece of fresh beef Hero. After drinking the beer to the ground, I began to ask the bartender about his missing brother.

Me: Listen, do you happen to know of one very close to me, whose name is Hero?

Bartender: ... Yeah, I know that. From time to time he went to this bar to relax and drink a cup or two after a hard day's work.

Me: And when did you last see him?

Bartender: Yes, two or three months ago. It is said that after his disappearance, the house in which he lived was sold to others. By the way, who are you to it coming from?

Me: I am, after all I'm his older brother. It's been five years since we said goodbye to him.

Bartender: Clear, well, good luck to you in the search. Hero was my good friend and his brother, today I'll give you a free room.

Me: Thank you for useful information and a toll free number.

Climbing up the creaky stairs to the second floor and went into my room, I took the bag and worn leather armor from his body. My stomach has long been in need of food, so taking out bags of provisions I started the long-awaited feast. After eating, I was sleepy and I fell into bed, falling asleep soundly.
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