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In search of Herobrine. Chapter 5: A faithful friend.

In search of Herobrine. A faithful friend

After a couple of hours, I woke up. The sun had nearly set behind the horizon, and only a small number of rays incident on the taiga. Glancing around, I started looking for the skeleton, which almost deprived me of my life, but I found myself near peregryzennyh only a handful of bones. I could not believe that after such a fight to survive. For a moment, I even thought I was dead. But, pinching own arm, and felt a little pain, it became clear that I still alive.
"What happened, why I'm still alive? .." - Whisper asking myself these questions, I heard in the bushes near the sound of broken branches. Guard and turned his head to the source, I noticed the same silhouette, which has seen at the battle with the skeleton. A minute silhouette issued terrible howl, and gradually began to come out of the bushes outside. "Oh no, that I needed. Wolves ..." - Thinking to myself, I slowly walked to the opposite side of the bushes. Picking up on your way to blunt the sword of bone, I got into a fighting stance, waiting for the unexpected guest.

A few minutes later the silhouette appeared and ran all the same to me. As I expected, this silhouette was a wolf. But one detail I was very alarmed: the neck hung a wolf when separated collar. Running up to me a couple of feet, he jumped on me. I tried to knock him off his sword in the air, but not being able to even pick up a sword and fell to the ground. I had no strength left not to continue the battle, but to even just standing. But the wolf behaved very strangely, he did not bite me and pull to pieces, he began ... lick my face. Surprised by such behavior I was, I realized that he was not aggressive and does not want me dead. Rising to his feet, and with some careful stroking the wolf's head, I started asking him questions.

Me: You got me so scared, I thought you were not friendly, and that I'm dead. Wait, that's not you accidentally dealt with the skeleton? Even before I lost consciousness, I saw a silhouette similar to yours.

On the wolf barked happily and began to wag his tail. It became clear that he understands me.

Me: But ... Where did you get that collar? Maybe you're not a wolf, but a common yard dog? Maybe you ran into the forest from the nearest town? You know what, come with me, not far from here, I know of only one not abandoned village, where he is making his way. Maybe I can find there your hosts.

After these words, the wolf whined piteously, and turned his head to the side. After some time, thought I was on his knees and looked into his eyes, said.

Me: You know what, I'll call you Hero, in honor of my lost brother ... He was very dear to me. But, let's not talk about it in the past tense. I just find it.

After taking a rest and gather strength, I am with my new companion moved on. Along their way through the tall bushes were much more fun than one: Hero revolves around me, forever and SJSFTC way through tight spaces. His behavior, he makes me smile, but after an incident at the cemetery I was not fun. Passing a couple of hours on the forest, we came to a small country road. After consulting the map, I realized that I was very close to the Old Creek. Left to go just a couple of kilometers to the north on the road and my eyes open long-awaited settlement ...
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