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In search of Herobrine. Chapter 4: Abandoned cemetery in the forest.

In search of Herobrine. Abandoned cemetery in the forest

Passing by an infinite number of trees, I felt a slight sense of claustrophobia. The deeper I went, the less sunlight gets through the trees of the taiga. Trying not to go astray, I moved smoothly to the east, to the presumable location of the Old Creek.

Sometimes I come across various types and forms of fungi. I knew which ones are edible and which are not, so I'm not working to collect a couple-second. Taiga is simply amazing variety of beautiful sounds of birds singing. Here, somewhere nearby just guknula owl. At the same moment, just on the other hand, beak knocking on wood woodpecker. A very close distinctly heard a terrible howl. Wary, I reflexively grabbed the handle of the sword. "Wolves ..." - I thought, and a little while, listening to the impenetrable darkness of the taiga, went further. Many of the sounds coming from all sides of the taiga, I was not able to identify it seemed they were published at all unidentified science birds. Maybe so, on it and taiga.

Making their way through the tall bushes, and avoiding large felled either by lightning, or wind the trees, I went out to the plain, where there was an abandoned cemetery. It was obvious that he had for years: wooden crosses were pokosheny in different directions, and the state of the monuments was quite depressing.

Following the road through endless thickets I was very tired and decided to sit down to relax on one of the monuments. Besides, it was necessary to check the card to make sure that I do not go astray. And also would not hurt to eat well. Sit back in one of the closest dilapidated monuments, I began to consider closely the map, while chewing a piece of bread. "Hmm, strange. There should be no cemetery. I think that anyone who was a card has never been in this place "- I thought, running through her eyes. A couple of minutes in a sitting position, I suddenly felt a concern. It was a feeling that soon just had to happen something bad. Did not attach much importance, I continued to study the map. At this point, the earth shook under me, and leaned out of the grave dirty bony hand. Violent shaking turned monument on which I was sitting, so that I fell to the side. Lying on his side and saw this skinny, little by little hand sticking out from the ground, I slowly crawled to the direction of the taiga. Horror gripped my body, so that I could not immediately get up. Only after ten seconds, gathered her courage, I stood up. Do not hesitate for a second, and drew his sword, I almost ran to the insurgent skeleton. Wagging and fending off around him, I got to pay him a couple of strokes. But he and the skeleton, that these blows struck him tickling. If I had a mace, the battle ended after the first strike. But I had a sword, and perfection in whatever I did not own them, the final blow to the skeleton did not succeed. Sudden powerful blow skeleton me greatly shaken, causing the helmet, being on my head fell off and fell to the ground. Fluent grabbing my neck while I was still stunned, he picked me up a couple of inches above the ground. Knocking his rotten teeth and looking at me with blank holes for the eyes, he began to increasingly squeeze my neck. But until recently, I did not give up and started chatting feet, trying in any way to escape. Provis in a position half a minute, I started to get dark quickly in the eyes. "That's the end. I still do not know what happened to my brother. And as one might think ... "- I thought, almost unconscious. Skeleton before my eyes started to bleed and gradually looming darkness swallowed me second by second. I was no more hope of escape from the strong hands of the skeleton, and I lost the fight.

But suddenly there was a loud howl from afar, which was closer to me closer and closer. Somehow I turned my head to the side, where it came from, I noticed a small fast moving me silhouette. Once this silhouette butt approached me, skeleton weakened his bony hands, which is why I fell to the ground. Instead of howling has been heard a terrible roar, mixed with a loud crack of bones. Trying not to lose consciousness and even a little to recover, to see what was going on, I saw a small dog biting and pulling out of the joints of the skeleton bones. But not until the end of inspection, it ended this battle, I finally lost consciousness ...
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