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In search of Herobrine. Chapter 3: Trek.

In search of Herobrine. Trek

The long-awaited morning. On the horizon, the sun came out, shining its warm rays of each wet tree and blade of grass in the forest. One of the rays fell into my fogged window, thus giving a sign that it's time to get up. Mentally I was ready for the trip, but had to collect luggage for the trek.

In the yard, I had a small garden, where I grow a variety of vegetables, mostly - wheat and carrots. I remember as a child stealing from the garden has not grown carrots, for which I was constantly scolded parents. Like, he did not help to sit down and open his rotok. But now I'm my own boss, and I can decide for himself what to do with sprouts. Out on the porch, my nose hit the fresh air, which contributed was walking at night rain. Standing a moment on the porch, breathing in the fresh air, I put on his boots and walked into the garden. The garden was dirty, it can be said that I was now a swamp. Damp earth sucked my legs, making it difficult to move around. But somehow I was able to come close to a couple of carrots and dig roots. My next goal was to bake bread. So I moved to the other end of the garden - a place where grown wheat. Running a hand through a little piercing, but soft wheat spikelets, I hit a couple of dozen pieces. "Well, like everything. Now you can go to make bread "- I thought, and went into the house.

In general, the preparation of the bread, it's not complicated. Just have to put in the bench three bundles of wheat, and voila, the bread is ready! The same thing I did with the other ligaments. I got all six loaves of bread, which is quite enough for a long hike. Carrots also prihvachu with him, who knows what.

As a child, my father showed me his own armor made of cowhide. He even allowed me to her from time to time to dress, he said, "for the holidays." Then I ran out into the street, and began loudly flour. I felt rather than man, and a cow ... Ha ha ha, that's were the times. But those days are gone, not to return the child, and these shabby, outdated armor I still come in handy. And why not? They are light, compact, easy to run into them. In addition, if the road through taiga to attack me wild wolves? This armor will protect me somehow.

But Dad was available not only leather armor. He possessed a unique iron sword, which he forged working blacksmith. In general, on his work, he was not engaged in forging weapons, and just doing shoed horses, who were brought to him of his clients. And he did it perfectly. But at one point he decided to test himself in a different direction, and that's created this sword. The sword has been done very well, it was well confined and could cut down a small tree with one blow. My father never trusted me this sword, as I understand it. I was still underage and could mess things spinogryzom such cases. But at this point in the road I really useful.

Armed, gathered all the necessary with a hike and check back once more, whether I took - I went out into the yard. The time was still early, the sun was shining, though but little heat. Casting a glance at his house for the last time, I closed the door and hit the road. I walked very carefully, fearing chance to join the pool and get wet. Jumping over puddles, I somehow made it to the end of the road dry. But on the street, I suddenly stopped, and he was very sad and depressed. I remembered that our brother goodbye, that glorious moment when the last time he told me goodbye and disappeared over the horizon. But banishing sad thoughts away, I moved on. Passing through an open field, not yet dry dew from the grass soaked my leather pants, which I felt incredibly fresh. The field smelled different scents, from what my nose buds go crazy. At times I even felt the taste of those smells that wind brought me. The sun's rays reflect off the rosinok, and getting into my eyes, blinding them. Could be heard around the huge variety of sounds. Hard worker-bees that raced around my head, making a characteristic hum, the crickets wiggling their legs, creating something like a cod. All this beauty, I could listen to for hours, but we had to hurry.

When he reached the edge of the taiga, I stopped to check the map. "So, here I have about the taiga, means I have to go to the East" - I said and walked deep into the ...
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