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In search of Herobrine. Chapter 1: My brother Hero.

In search of Herobrine. My brother Hero

My younger brother, Herobrin, childhood was taciturn and reserved man. Until all the neighborhood kids were walking in the street, he was sitting in his room, not leaving it for hours. In to see him I could not because the door of his room, he is always closed on the lock. Me and him was the so-called agreement that if I suddenly want to go to his room to see what he was doing, I need to knock three times on the door.
No other way to get to his room was not. Of course, you could get into the box, located on the second floor. But he and his zashtorival closed on the latch.

From time to time, when we were having dinner in the kitchen, I asked him why he always sits alone, and does not go for a walk outside. But he did not answer. Sometimes it seemed that he did not hear me.

Me: Hero, I wanted to ask you ... Why do you spend so much time in your room? What are you doing there all the time?

Hero: ...

Me: Well, why are you silent?

Hero: I have nothing to say.

Me: If you have something wrong, you can always share it with me!

Hero: Yeah, I did not happen! You do not understand! .. (Screamed and hurried Hero went to his room.)

It all started with the tragic death of our parents. This happened when the Hero was 10. I've been dared to tell him the truth, but his constant questions about where our mom and dad forced me to do it. I remember a long time to look at the moment, when all he said. He stood as if in a stupor and froze. No, no, he did not cry. He just stood there a few minutes, after which a slow pace went to his room. I tried to go to him to get a little support him in this difficult moment, but he firmly closed his door. Except me, of the family, it was no one else. After the event, I was sworn to protect and maintain it for life. That's what I'm big brother.

The years passed. Hero went to live in another city, and I stayed in our old house. The last time I saw him, he looked pretty happy and joyful. He seems to have forgotten the terrible events of childhood. I really hoped so ... Although, it is never forgotten.

About his work, I knew almost nothing. He never told me about it, how much I did not ask. I thought he was just shy of talking about it, it was not enough and paid and not worth my attention. Well, at least he has a job, I thought, and that he will be able to provide for themselves.

I found it strange that he almost did not take anything with him in a way. As if he did not need anything. No, he took with him a couple of loaves of bread ... and all.

Me: Hero, are you going to march taking nothing but bread?

Hero: As you see. The less you have cargo in the back, the easier it is to go.

Me: Well, I agree. Okay, that's your business, that you take. Only ...

Hero stood at the door and looked at me.

I am just ... Take this amulet. Do you remember, as a child, when we walked by the river, you have found this shell? I asked you to do it with charm. This amulet will remind you about us, our childhood and our parents.

After these words, the face appeared Hero sadness. He stood for a moment, thinking about something, and then took the amulet and without saying a word, walked out of the house. I followed him. His step was calm, it was evident that he was no hurry. Once we got him to the end of the street, it's time to finally say goodbye.

Hero: Well, that's all. Next to me you do not have to go.

Me: If you will need anything, you just let me know. I'm your brother, I will always help you, that you had not done.

Hero: Thank you. But I think I'll be able to cope with the problems, not small.

Hero: Goodbye ...

Hero said, and moved on. I watched him a couple of minutes until it disappeared over the horizon. Our day of farewell was surprisingly sunny but after he left, the weather changed abruptly and went fine rain. If I had realized that it was a sign ...
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Парень, я даже не знаю, чем тебе помочь. Просто я особо не играю на серваках в Minecraft, а предпочитаю больше синглплеер.

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